Experience a Year in the “Rear” During Viet Nam



The year is 1968. The REMF is a vivid, fast-paced account of the experiences of a 21-year-old college dropout from rural New England who has been summoned to Viet Nam. His tour of duty overseas becomes not only a journey to a foreign land, but also a journey of self-awakening that gradually develops into a dark, personal, mental and spiritual regression shaking the foundations of his past beliefs. Enter the world of the “rear area” support people – those soldiers who continually risk their lives every day to provide the necessary men and material to those troops in the field, helping to achieve U.S. military objectives. Ground troops unceremoniously decreed the derogatory title of “REMF” (as in you “Rear Echelon Mother Fucker”) to those unappreciated and typically overlooked support personnel. The ground troops felt that all of the “rear” people had it much too easy because they weren’t “out in the field” getting shot at. Helicopter battalion support was also responsible for extracting the “grunts” on the ground from hostile situations and returning them safely to their firebases. Experience the courage and camaraderie of the assault support helicopter troops while they subjected themselves daily to enemy small-arms and anti-aircraft fire in order to support or rescue their comrades from the battlefield. At night, while being bombarded in their hootches by incoming rockets, mortars and enemy sappers, the support personnel were often-times successful in escaping some of the constant, intense terror, at least momentarily, by flying on nightly drug and alcohol-induced magic carpet rides. Feel the overwhelming fear and frustration that awakened each daybreak when the beast returned.


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Published by Ray Dyer and Stephen Dwyer

The authors are both originally from Connecticut and share an avid interest in U.S. military history. Mr. Dyer is a Viet Nam veteran and Mr. Dwyer is a published research specialist. This is their first novel.

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